Quick steps to transfer and share data in Android – Xender File-Sharing App

quick steps to transfer and share data in android

Xender is great tool that is used for the transformation of files between the two devices. Xender doesn’t ask for internet connection nor does it torture you to arrange a data cable. Its usage is simple and it’s free to download. This is something quite relaxing for the users that all the sublime services of xender are free of cost. Besides functioning splendidly on other operating systems it is a great app for android users too.

how to use xender in android

Xender app uses your phone wi-fi connection for the transformation of files using xender. While using xender you would feel the ease as you will not be asked for the internet connection and any data cable. The android phone of a sender has to be in a range with the phone of other recipient so the xender app can work in a most desirable way. Xender has made the file-transformation so convenient.

How to Share Data in Android with Xender

There are some fairly-simple steps that you need to follow as they will smoothen your way to use xender in Android. The first step is to download xender on Android as you must have it installed on your phones.

Get started:

quick steps to transfer and share data in android

  • Head up to google play store or Download 
  • Look for Xender to install it
  • Hit download and the installation will be done
  • Now you need to launch the xender app
  • Fire up Xender app on your android device and the other device
  • By launching xender on both you will be able to use xender for sending files.
  • Select your preferred files that you are intended to send
  • Hit Send.

Xender works perfectly on Android, just keep it in your mind that for using xender the sender and the recipient both need to have xender installed on their devices only then the transmitting of files will be made possible. After getting it installed on your device you would find this app really exclusive because it doesn’t work in a conventional way, it keeps on its words and genuinely transmits your data, files, contacts, Gifs, videos, photos and wall-papers so speedily that you won’t be expecting at all. There are many other nice file-transferring apps but xender is believed to be the best amongst all.

APK Editor

apk editor pro new version

The APK Editor is basically for the technology Lovers who want to do some extra modification in the Android APK files so that they can have more fun. There is no doubt that the APK Editor is one of the most powerful applications which allows you to easily hack or edit the APK files.

The APK Editor helps you to do string localization, images and replacement of text, and even re-architecting of the whole layout of an application. Furthermore, User can eliminate the ads place to enjoy more and user can also remover the permissions which are set by authorities through the APK Editor.

Overview of APK Editor

As you know the Google play store has the biggest database of Android Applications but the dark side of the developers and authorities don’t want you to enjoy the whole apps and games. they have just concern with their money. Through APK Editor application you can easily enjoy the premium features of the application just by editing the application with the help of APK Editor.

apk editor pro new version

This Application totally depends on how you use it. You must need the professional training and skills in order to use it as a profession. Do not worry about anything, our experts will always there for you to help you if you have any confusions. Ping us at any time, we will try our best to teach you about professional training and technical skills. The good news for the users is the APK editor is always available for you and there is no any limit to use it.

Features of APK Editor

The Amazing features of the APK Editor are given below.

1.Small Code Editing.

2.Application Data Editing.

3.Removal of Ads.

4.Removal of Permissions.

5.And much more.



APK Editor is the best choice of technology lovers. It will save a lot of money and you can edit files in order to enjoy the premium features of any android applications. It will also help you to get rid of annoying advertisements. So, what are you waiting for? Go and download it as soon as possible. In case you feel any difficulty, Ping us at any time, our experts will love to help you out.