How to Turn on Push Notifications in Roblox

Now the users can receive the Notifications about Roblox with Roblox Desktop Push Notifications. So if a user browses his desired sites of social media, or he plays games on Roblox, sending messages to his buddies then during all these activities you will be able to receive all the Roblox notifications.

Desktop Push Notifications work somewhat like the mobile push notifications, if a user is offline or he is at another device then he will be able to see a pop-up on your screen that will notify you.

The problem used to be faced by many people was that they were not able to see any pop up notifications the moment they switch to another site. This used to keep them at bay for receiving the new or latest friend request. In this particular connection Roblox presents a great solution that keeps you up-to-date with all the happenings on Roblox. A user is now will be able to see all of his notifications even with a closed browser.

How can you turn ON the push notifications?

Turning on the push notifications is fairly simple but you first need to download roblox for IOS or whatever Operating system are you using.. For this your computer system needs to have either a Firefox 46 or Chrome 50.

roblox for ios download

Procedure of turning ON Push Notifications:

  • Launch the Roblox site on Firefox/Chrome
  • See the gear icon and click it, by doing so you will be taken to the Settings page
  • Look for Privacy tab and click it
  • You will be able to see a switch of Desktop Push, just turn it on
  • Now you will see a pop-up that will take you on Push Notifications.

After turning it ON you will be able to choose what type of notifications you will get. Keep this in your mind that you are supposed to save your selections.

Meanwhile the Roblox Push notifications are of five types, take a look at each of them:

5 Roblox Push Notifications

  • You will get the Push Notification when you will receive a Friend Request
  • You will get the Push Notification when a person on the other side will accept your Friend Request.
  • You will get the Push Notification when you will be sent an invitation of a party from someone.
  • You will get the Push Notification when any person will join your party
  • You will get the Push Notification when you will be sent a Chat message from someone.

So this is all about Roblox Push Notifications, now you will be notified about any happening of Roblox without any difficulty, nothing will be missed and skipped for sure.